Chicago massing/base map needed.

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Oct 30, 06 9:32 am

Hello architects-
Can someone please share a dwg file of downtown Chicago with me? I am a thesis student in Boston at the BAC and am seeking a 3D sketchup massing or 2d line drawing of the streets and building footprints around Michigan Ave/Columbus Ave. and the river. I've been tracing a map in AutoCAD line by line and its driving me nuts. I know many firms have developed projects downtown and was hoping someone would be kind enough to send me a decent dwg or other CAD format to use as a base map. This is in no way going to be used for commercial purposes, just for my own academic investigation. E-mail me if you want to talk in person about it.

PS. rumor has it there is a fantastic 3D sketchup model of Chicago produced by SOM floating around out there. If anyone has access to this data can you please share it with me. Much love in advance.


Oct 30, 06 2:06 pm

I just sent you a 3D CAD file that should be easy for you to export to whatever program you're using. If the file is too large let me know if you have a gmail account or something else I can upload it to.

Lucky for you it's such a nice day here in New York, clear blue skies and more importantly just got a pain in the ass project out the door an hour ago and I'm in a great mood now. Enjoy.

Oct 30, 06 3:41 pm

Hi my silly .edu e-mail bounces back large files. Would you mind sending it to
Thank you thank you thank you.

Jan 21, 11 4:25 pm

Hello there,

My studio this semester at Virginia Tech has our site in the Financial District of Chicago off of Congress Parkway. Would it be possible to have these files as well. Any dwg or 3ds files would be great and/ or diagrams. Thank you.

Bobby Vance

May 21, 11 11:29 am

I would the most grateful if you could pass on the file. I have my final degree project due in a week and would be great to have a clean file. my address as427 AT


Oct 19, 11 6:27 am


Im a student at the AA and doing my project in Near North Side of Chicago, is it possible to send me the CAD file?


Oct 19, 11 3:17 pm

could i also get this file please? im also a student working on a project in downtown chicago and i would really appreciate it, ccacciab[at]

Nov 7, 11 12:12 pm

I would also appreciate the Chicago CAD file. Does it include Wicker Park? Thanks in advance!


Mar 3, 12 10:06 pm

hi! arch student as well. I would really, really, really appreciate the 3D file... 

thanks so much

Apr 1, 12 12:06 am

Hi I am an architecture student currently working on a project in the Streeterville area in Chicago, I would really appreciate it if you could send me the 3D file....


Nov 25, 12 4:28 pm

Could someone out there send that map to me as well. I am an architecture student working on a project and could really use this map. PLEASE... Thanks

Dec 29, 12 10:42 am

Hi, I am an architecture student as well and would like the Chicago CAD file, too. Specifially one that has the Uptown/Edgewater neighborhoods (northern Chicago) on it. If anyone has this please send it to me!


Jan 21, 13 2:25 am


Would anyone be able to pass the Chicago CAD file to me as well?  Specifically looking for the area surrounding Grant Park with a focus on the South End.


Eugenia MacchiaEugenia Macchia
Apr 18, 13 5:11 pm

Hello, Is any of you so kind to share the chicago plan cad file with me as well? I also need it for a university project! thanks so much! thanks a lot!

May 23, 13 10:31 pm

Hey guys, does anyone still have this Autocad file they can share with me. My new studio project is in Chicago and I cant find a file anywhere. Thanks!

Jun 12, 13 10:34 am

Well I´m with the same problem.... In order to finish my work (about Mies) I need that file... If anybody still has one... please... please i would appreciate the offer for life!

Aug 22, 13 10:58 am

Hi! I would love to have a 3d model of downtown to help as well - I've been trying to build a downtown city model in sketchup using building maker but find it frustrating as lack of detail... thanks!

Sep 10, 13 12:30 pm

Hello, I'm doing my thesis based in Chicago, I haven't found a decent plan or model of it that is easily obtainable. I'd greatly appreciate if someone could provide me both a CAD plan and 3D model! Or one or the other, but I really need something. Thanks so much.
Jan 13, 14 5:10 pm

Wondering if this post is still alive, If so, any site/massing files anyone has of Chicago, particularly South Side, would be most appreciated

Studio project involves a site located at E 63rd St and S Cottage Grove Ave (Where green line terminates) (41.782641,-87.606103).

If anyone can help an arch student out, it would be much appreciated. I emailed a contact from CMAP and I will continue to follow that lead aswell.

If anyone wants any further information on the project or to send files please email me at



Non Sequitur
Jan 13, 14 10:51 pm

Lazy students

Jan 14, 14 8:58 am

Yeah. Lazy. You all should be taking time out of your day (and night) that could be used to design your project to scour the internet for a cad file (or better yet build one from scratch to learn your place, you future worthless intern peons) instead of asking on a website. You might save a day or two if it pans out, you lazy bastards.

Mar 11, 15 5:18 pm

Hi, I'm an italian student and I need the Chicago Map for a Composition Work. I really appreciate if someone send me the file.

Jun 22, 15 12:38 pm

HI there, Im a student from the Cooper Union, I really REALLY need the map of whole Chicago for my thesis, CAD plan and 3D file PLEASE!! will be much appreciate if someone can help me out!!

Non Sequitur
Jun 22, 15 12:43 pm

^ Lazy student

Jun 22, 15 1:42 pm
Jun 23, 15 11:24 am

Hi there! I join the plea for the Chicago dwg map, i'm in the middle of my thesis at Politecnico di Milano in which I analyze the cities of Milano, Chicago and Seoul. I think it's pretty useless to tell you that redrawing all of them it's gonna cost me a couple of years ;) I beg someone to, please, share the file with me, you're gonna have a special place in my heart forever! Thanks everyone! Email:

PS: I've already redrawn Milano, if anyone has a Seoul map i'll make him a statue!



Sep 25, 15 4:58 pm

Hey can you send me the model too? I'm doing a research for my study on typologies within city blocks and this would speed up my process a lot! My e-mail is

Sep 28, 15 11:11 am

Export .osm

import in rhino via Elk

jesus do you guys not know how to use google?

Sep 28, 15 11:20 pm

That shit don't create 3d buildings in their supposed height. The file would help incredibly

Non Sequitur
Sep 29, 15 12:10 am

^ lazy student

May 23, 16 10:41 pm

Hi there, 

I'm working on an art project for which I am trying to capture the shadows caught by chicago buildings.  Could you send me the 3D CAD file of Chicago?  I'd be willing to credit you on the project. 

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