2012 Design Intelligence Rankings

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Alexander MorleyAlexander Morley
Nov 3, 11 5:24 pm

I started this thread last year and it caused such a stir I figured I would take the honors to do it again. Here you have it for 2012:

1. Harvard GSD

2. Yale SoA

3. Columbia GSAAP

4. Wash U STL, Sam Fox School of Design

5. Kansas State University

6. Cornell

6. MIT

8. Michigan


10. U Cincinnati


Nov 3, 11 6:42 pm

Graduate Program rankings of course.

Nov 3, 11 7:37 pm

any word on the Landscape and Interior design rankings?

Tim DoTim Do
Nov 4, 11 11:54 am

my least favorite ritual...i'll suggest a little restraint this year, but i know that's wishful thinking.


Nov 4, 11 3:48 pm


Nov 4, 11 4:00 pm

nice try DI!

now rank them by "percent of grads employed".

Nov 4, 11 4:28 pm

what about the remaining 10? where can I see the full list?

Jason Muller
Nov 4, 11 4:29 pm

USC Masters in Construction Management


Nov 4, 11 6:32 pm

MIT objects to tying with Cornell.  It's very very cold and lonely in Ithaca. It's merely cold in Cambridge.  Therefore, we should be ranked ahead of them. 

As usual, we object to the inclusion of the first institution on the list altogether. 

We also would like to express the view that adequate restroom facilities are an imperative for any architecture school and therefore suggest that GSAPP needs to be brought down a few notches on the list.

Nov 5, 11 5:24 pm

The #1 institution would like to graciously point out the #8's drop from last year does not reflect a drop in quality so much as the anecdotal basis of the entire ranking system and in fact believes the alumna in charge there continues to do great things with the school. Also the welcome mat is out for @Urbanist and anyone else at #6 is to cross register if they are willing to brave the cold out on Mass. Ave.

mr. minimal
Nov 6, 11 8:07 pm

Does anyone actually think Kansas State has a better program than MIT or Cornell (or any of the other schools listed beneath it)? Does anyone not think that Princeton's program belongs in the top ten?

The Michigan thing last year was absurd, but this year's list just reinforces how broken the DI methodology is. 

Nov 6, 11 8:30 pm

It's like's power rankings for hornrims!  If only it were also weekly.

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