worth taking Masters in UK(part2) without part1?


Hey guys,

I have a BA in architecture, outside UK or Europe. 

I was thinking about applying for Masters, maybe get RIBA part2 and take some kind of an examination for part1 afterwards? (is that possible?)

I really don't want to come back to this country full of a mess so I hope to get a job wherever I do my masters, hopefully in the UK. 

I was wondering though, if it would be okay to just take a degree course without the RIBA2, and still be okay to get a job. (Not acknowledging the fact that it's super hard to get a visa sponsorship.) It just seems like it's too much extra work to get all those accreditation. 

Would I still be able to work in a firm without RIBAs? 

How's the industry in the UK? 

Feb 17, 17 10:42 am

Question 1: yes, you can get your part 1 with your portfolio of part 2.  Some Unis such as the AA have a 5 year programme so you cannot enter the part 2 unless you have a Part 1 or choose to enter year 3.

Its up to individual universities - most will say on their web site if you must have a part 1 to apply. 

With Brexit and all, I recommend International students apply to russell group universities - (10 of them) - doesn't mean others are bad but government has suggested that they may prioritise visa for students from these universities - (uncertain)

You can work as a Part 2 students - progress onto Tier 2 visa fairly easy. Work is always there for those who are good. SO its your portfolio and what you offer that matters. Not the industry.

Feb 17, 17 2:46 pm

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