Hey guys! 

It's that time of the year again. Let's go ahead and share our stats, anxieties, questions and decisions together.

Following information would be helpful for future applicants:

- Age/Sex/Citizenship
- Undergraduate degree/ School/ Year graduated
- GRE 
- TOEFL scores for Int'l students
- Letter of recommendations - from whom (this can be general; employer, professor, etc.)
- Personal Essay/Statement
- Portfolio
- Schools (results [in, out or waitlist], any $ offered, any other pertinent info)
- Open house impressions 
- Results (the school you plan to attend, waitlist, rejection.)
- Tips

Feb 14, 17 2:39 pm

Wtf dude? Didn't you already have a sandbox here to play around with:

Feb 14, 17 2:47 pm

There's always two separate threads for prep and don't have to post on here if you don't want to.

Feb 14, 17 2:50 pm

Uhh no, not every year...and logically speaking, isn't it easier to consolidate the entire thing within a single thread for ease of reference & posterity?

Any problem with keeping the forum tidier given the mess? Srsly, someone has already created another unnecessary "grad school application results" thread this very instant.

Feb 14, 17 3:05 pm

Oh no, **TWO** threads per year! How will the database servers keep up with such extravagance??


Nothing wrong with laying a precedence


This is a different thread. This thread focuses on results and not prep. And that thread is "WHEN did you hear back from grad school"

Feb 14, 17 3:11 pm
Non Sequitur

I'd like to see two more categories added:

  • Total expected student debt
  • Expected annual salary post graduation
Feb 14, 17 3:12 pm

The ratio of Debt Incurred : Salary Increase is a fun way to see if your degree was worth it.

On my current path my ROI is about 4.5 years. 


Argues for thread consolidation for stated reasons.

Response: "This thread focuses on results and not prep".

Good luck with your comprehension in grad sch buddy.

Feb 14, 17 3:16 pm


Feb 14, 17 3:23 pm
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Non Sequitur

Nice donkey

Feb 14, 17 3:29 pm


It's all good, no worries. 

Feb 14, 17 6:35 pm

Anxiously awaiting results. Does anyone know tentatively when they will start popping up?

Feb 21, 17 6:36 am

I'm anxious as well. Unfortunately a lot of the schools seem to release decisions in waves (as to avoid admitting too few or too many students). So, we should expect emails anytime from this week to April. It's brutal.


From my research (stalking archinect for dayzzz)

M.Arch I programs :

-Cornell February 28 Tuesday

-GSD March 3 Friday

-PennDesign Mid-march 

-Yale ??? (varies)

Feb 21, 17 10:31 am

I'm anxious as well. Unfortunately a lot of the schools seem to release decisions in waves (as to avoid admitting too few or too many students). So, we should expect emails anytime from this week to April. It's brutal.

edit: oops...duplicate comments

Feb 21, 17 11:30 am

@ecogalaxy....can you elaborate on your aspect of anxiety? For example, what makes you anxious about waiting on the decision is not he same as my anxiety. What makes this waiting period so brutal and what are you doing to keep your mind sane? Smoking weed? Reading books? Exercising? Curious to hear everyone's response...

Feb 21, 17 12:48 pm

Hey hopefuls and anxious!

  • 25 / M / German
  • B.A. in Architecture '16, Technical University of Munich, exchange year at UIUC
  • GPA: 3.94 / 4.00 (according to iGAP calculator)
  • GRE: 163 V / 158 Q / 3.5 W
  • TOEFL: 115 / 120
  • LOR: Professor from UIUC, Professor from TUM, former supervisor
  • Portfolio: 4-5 recent studio projects from TUM and UIUC
  • Applied: Cornell, Michigan, Syracuse, UIUC, IIT

just got accepted to UIUC (M.Arch 2yr) via email, no word about $

Feb 21, 17 3:33 pm

@mr.1111 I'm also waiting to hear back from IIT. I'm having a hard time not checking the application for status changes every 30 minutes. The wait is unbearable

Feb 21, 17 4:49 pm

@cwesleystein yeah, I feel you! They had sent an email on Feb 7 saying it could take up to 4-6 weeks... Let's hope it won't take that long

Feb 21, 17 5:02 pm

- 22 /M / Indonesian
- BS in Architecture / Bandung Institute of Technology
- GPA: 3.37 / 4.00
- GRE: 146 V / 152 Q  / 3.0 W (First try without proper preparations. decided not to use this score and applied for schools that do not require GRE scores.
- IELTS: 7.5 / 9.0
- LOR: all from my undergraduate institution. One from Building Technology Professor, 
- Portfolio: Three academic projects, one national competition, and one personal professional project. The portfolio available online, click here
- Applied: UIUC 2 Year M.Arch and MIT SMArchS in Building Technology.

-Result: Accepted at UIUC M.Arch. Just recently received the decision email, so excited!

Feb 22, 17 12:14 am

- 23 / F / Indian
- B.Arch / 2015
- GRE: 153 V / 161 Q / 5.0 W 
- TOEFL: 119 
- LOR: Thesis guide, Academic Director, Previous Employer
- Portfolio: Focused on research and documentation of historic sites + conservation projects
- Applied: GSD, MIT, Columbia GSAPP
- Results: Awaiting!

Anybody here who has applied to courses other than M.Arch? HTC or Conservation?

Feb 22, 17 10:20 am

Has anyone heard from UIC yet?

Feb 22, 17 10:47 am

or Princeton? USC? UT Austin? GSD?...

Feb 22, 17 10:49 am

heard from UT Austin, accepted :)


Just got a rejection from UT Austin :(

Feb 22, 17 3:58 pm

@Dericsen8 what part of your application do you feel that hurt your chances in getting accepted???? I'm still waiting in their decision...

Feb 22, 17 5:28 pm

I would probably say my portfolio. It wasn't as strong as i would've liked it to be

Feb 22, 17 5:43 pm

Was it the amount of projects? The quality of work? 

Feb 22, 17 5:56 pm

has anyone else gotten the barrage of emails from sci-arc asking for contact information confirmation and supplemental financial aid information? I can't decide if this is a good thing or just standard. 

Feb 22, 17 6:03 pm

@Napoleon Ordaz Relax man. You've already submitted your application, so it is what it is. Waiting sucks, but it will be way worse if you spend all this time worrying.

Feb 22, 17 6:08 pm

- 22/F/Chinese
- BA. Arch ( Honor ) / University of Pittsburgh / April, 2017
- 3.75
- V151/Q163/W 3
Letter of recommendations - 6 total, use for different schools, 2 Alumni from Harvard (previous boss and Honor supervisor), 1 from MIT, 1 from Berkeley (Mentor for honor thesis), 1 studio professor, 1 chair of our department. 

Personal Essay/Statement- Spend a lot of time, starts with the earthquake experience when I was in China and get inspiration from one architect. Basically is about my growing experiences with sustainable architecture in human context. 

Portfolio--   (better to read each page separately)--advice is still welcome.

Schools (mostly March I) GSD, Yale, Berkeley, Columbia, Cornell, CMU

Results CMU in with $$$, still wait for rest of them. dream school is GSD though. 
Tips--will update when March starts happening. 

Feb 22, 17 9:40 pm

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