a virtual studio?

Aug 19 '14 3 Last Comment
Aug 19, 14 12:43 pm

is there any online place where students have their profiles and update their works as they finish it at their school? id like to know if such a thing exists.. you see, im a student and looking at works from all over the world would make me realize many things.. 


Non Sequitur
Aug 19, 14 1:10 pm

you can make a portfolio/resume on archinect

David C. McFaddenDavid C. McFadden
Aug 19, 14 1:16 pm

Yes, many.  Google online portfolio and check out some of them.

Aug 19, 14 3:18 pm

Kalai, If you are looking-to-look that is one thing, there are also portfolios here on this site under “People”. But if you look to post your own portfolio be sure to come back here for some advice, I have plenty (I was an employer).

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