Decent technical schools?UK/EU Part II

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Jul 12, 14 1:40 pm

Can you suggest a school with strong emphasis on construction/structures/building technology/detailing?

I have just completed Part I (1st class) in a well-reputed UK institution. 

Being very tired of the elitist 'art school' hypocrisy, I see no benefit in returning to such a place. Furthermore, I don't feel at all confident in my understanding of the aforementioned subjects. 

However, I do need Part II accreditation.

I have considered :

1) Doing Part II in a more technically orientated architecture school

(Likely, but are there any decent schools out there?)

2) Doing a Masters in construction technology or similar instead of a Part II

(Less likely as it would take me longer to obtain Part II accreditation.)

3) Not go to any school, pick up these skills through work experience and obtain Part II with an office based exam.

(Not confident about this one, as it isn't the standard route to professional qualification.)

Can you advise me on the above? 


Caitlin CopelandCaitlin Copeland
Jul 13, 14 3:28 am

I've heard University of Bath is pretty technical. TU Delft, too but not sure if the RIBA recognizes it as part 2, you might have to get it signed off afterwards.

Look for a part 2 program that is based within a school of engineering, no doubt those will be more structures orientated.

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