Does anyone have a San Francisco 3D model

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Jun 17, 13 10:50 pm


For that level of detail there are 3 options;

1. Build yourself

2. Lidar Scan ( the coolest, easiest and most expensive option)

3. Pray to the spaghetti monster in the sky that the SOM model is floating around somewhere and someone decides to post it. 

Also, in the latest google earth beta v7, they've updated all the scenery and building 3d data with a more automatic depth acquisition process. This means more detail (tree heights, canopy) but at a same time crude for certain building elements. So you can use this to your advantage by referencing the google earth 3d imagery as you build your own version. 

Jun 17, 13 11:10 pm

@Phantom & Tuan Tran,

Thank you so much for the upload! You'll never know how much I appreciate this!


Demont CampbellDemont Campbell
Jun 18, 13 10:10 am

Is there anyone that can point me into the right direction to get a 3DS model of Seville, Spain?

Jun 18, 13 3:59 pm

@ Demont

Which part of seville spain? The whole thing?

Demont CampbellDemont Campbell
Jun 19, 13 9:11 am


My site is on Calle Santiago, its nearby Metropol Parasol if you can spot it on Google maps.  



Jun 20, 13 10:16 pm


Try this; you may want to check scale and orientation. You can use google earth as a guide to scale the 3d model. 

Jun 23, 13 2:17 pm

Thanks @Phantom !!

Really appreciate this. Thanks so much.

Jun 24, 13 3:32 pm

@Phantom what your email address?

Jun 25, 13 9:45 am

Hello everyone! I'm an Italian student of architecture and I'm working on a project in San Francisco bay. I am wondering if any holy person could send the 3d model of SF to my email:

enricochionna at

It would be very kind of you.

Thanks in advance.


Jun 27, 13 1:12 pm

Hey Phantom, may I ask where you obtain those city models?  Is there a site that offers them or did you make them yourself?  If you wouldn't mind divulging that information I would be eternally grateful.

Jun 27, 13 1:44 pm


The wording of your question makes it sound like I'm at a deposition hearing. I extract the geometry from google earth.


@ enricochionna

You should have gone through this thread, there was a link posted.

Jun 27, 13 1:53 pm


Thank you, but unfortunately I can't open the link you wrote. How can I do?

Jun 27, 13 5:34 pm


Perhaps mega is blocked from your isp or country?

Try this link  

Aug 12, 14 3:40 pm

1). Download .dem data:

2). Convert .dem to whatever format you need

Aug 12, 14 6:57 pm


Hmm, when I click the area of the map I'd like to download, it just sends me to a page with a long of 1's and 0's (presumably code).

Aug 12, 14 7:02 pm

And yes Phantom,  I'm aware I sometimes write like I'm in a deposition hearing.  Not intentional, just the way I think and in turn write.

Apr 17, 15 4:39 pm


Does anyone still have the san francisco 3d model? just terrain is fine!


Kirill VolchinskiyKirill Volchinskiy
Apr 18, 15 7:45 am

You can rip models from google earth using openGLS straight from your graphics card. You can google how to do this.


Terrain, you can import from sketchup pro. you can google a topography tutorial for sketchup pro.

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