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Rennes, FR


arbre à basket

Playgrounds outdoor
Agence a/LTA architectes le trionnaire (x2) - tassot - le chapelain
Ile de Nantes
Out in front of the Maison des Hommes et des Techniques, this basketball tree offers a new type of sports equipment that can be used by just about anybody! Upon first glance, it’s clear how different people can play simultaneously. Basketball hoops branch out of different parts of a tree at varying heights allowing for multiple teams of different ages to play.
Just because everybody knows the rules to basketball, it doesn’t mean you can’t invent ways to play, especially thanks to the lines on the ground defining different fields.
With players of all ages able to participate, and situated right next to a children’s playground, the Arbre à baskets allows for improbable encounters and new ways to play.


lieu / place: Esplanade des Ateliers et Chantiers_Nantes (44)
maitre d’ouvrage / client : LIEU UNIQUE
commissaire d'exposition : Rafaël Magrou + Patricia Buck
livraison / date : 15 Juin 2012 (ouverture au public)
équipe / team : a_LTA le trionnaire (x2) - tassot - le chapelain architectes + EVEN (BET STRUCTURE)
entreprises : martysports + Angevin Donada (Gros Œuvre) + Kangourou Services (marquage au sol)
photographies  / pictures : copyrights S. Chalmeau  +  a/LTA

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Status: Built
Location: Nantes, FR
My Role: architects
Additional Credits: photographies : S. Chalmeau


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