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Auditorium and training centre’s Cariparma Crédit-Agricole

Plane, folded, overlapped, reversed surfaces run after each other to lead, shelter and welcome the users of this north Italy bank’s training centre.
An Origami able to give character and identity to the centre’s common spaces where accueil, stairs and lifts give access to training facilities and where classrooms are conceived as technically equipped ‘voids’ open to the most diverse training performances.
For groups up to 30 units every single classroom is provided with computer floor, acoustic ceiling, cutting edge technology, movable partition walls and identified with a colour code.
Durable and natural finishes are employed throughout the building for a dynamic training centre that is the  contemporary expression of the client’s philosophy.

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Status: Built
Location: Piacenza, Italy
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Design team E. Frigerio with F. Biassoni (project leader),M. Rossi, A. Cutrupi, M. Piovini

Structure and features: Studio Milani Rossetti Cantoni (eng. P. Milani)
Conditioning features: Bre Engineering srl (eng. A. Bozino)
Electrical features: Tecnostudio


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