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The Concrete Triangle

The Concrete Triangle
The Concrete Triangle was conceived as one of the key spaces within the context of a design studio, of which the triangular space existing at multiple levels is a derivative of the site. The lower space is manipulated as a central, large meeting space, while the levels accommodate parts of the studio and a common lounge space.
The universal board room table reflects the firm’s simple, yet bold design philosophy.  The concept is  clean, raw and out of the box; and is popular as one ofthe most popular Archohm products. The initial concept was shunned by structural engineers as a ‘non – practical’ product, owing to its large span. However, the design was detailed out, and productionwas not halted. Today, the table sits in the centre of the firm’s main boardroom. 
The table is made of bare concrete with a smooth top, redefining the ‘heavy’ notion that is often associated with the material. The floating edgemakes the structure seem radically ‘light’.The table is based on a central support, which is integrated with the slab and has cantilevered edges. Almost a mushroom-like form, the table is symbolic of innovative material use. The structure also takes into consideration wire management and effectively conceals conduits. Thetriangular form of the table is in actuality, quite space efficient and has been designed for maximum seating space with minimal construction needs. It expands up to 20ft by 20ft and uses the spanning properties of R.C.C. to create an expansive, but light structure. Though made out of concrete, its floating polished top creates an interesting illusion, that has left many observers, baffled. Its universal aesthetic appeal makes it a favorite amongst clients and is symbolic of  innovation with regards to the usage of concrete to create light-weight,radical structures.

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Status: Built
Location: Noidan, FR


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