Gustafson Porter

Gustafson Porter

London, GB


Harbour Square

Local inhabitants created Beirut’s first harbour around 2,500 BC. Over the centuries it was expanded, until by the Roman era it extended half way into today’s Foch-Allenby district.

Harbour Square covers part of this archaeological site. The intimate courtyard space is at the heart of the shopping district. It evokes the area’s heritage at every level; from large gestures such as the steel canopy ‘floating’ on water, to details such as the paving marking the ancient boundary between land and sea and the treatment of the ancient wall as sculpture, part-surrounded by water.

The square offers inhabitants respite and shelter, as well as a space for new connections. It forms one of a series of public spaces designed to support Beirut’s re-emergence from the 1975‒1990 Civil War.

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Status: Built
Location: Beirut, LB
My Role: Landscape Architect
Additional Credits: Structural Engineer: ARUP
Mechanical Engineer: Nasr & Khalaf
Water Feature Specialist: OCMIS
Local Architect: Imad Gemayel Architects
Consultants: (Local structural engineer) OTCE


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