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Studio 440 Architecture | Interiors | Acoustics

Hollywood, CA


UBM Advanstar

UBM/Advanstar’s new offices in Santa Monica exhibit a cutting edge example of open office planning, workflow expression, and the statement of company culture through interior design.  The project was a consolidation of locations:  UBM’s culture of shared resources, efficient planning for staff, and company immersion in their Client’s industries were infused in the project’s direction and process.

Elements of the design are intended to invoke Advanstar’s role in the fashion community:  iconic stripes, emphasis on fabric, layered fabric, and graphic patterns that evoke raw material. The immersion of the workspace in this imagery is both to inspire the staff, and demonstrate commitment to the Client. Open office workflow (and the associated acoustic demand) is addressed through careful programming of open and enclosed spaces, subtle functional “barriers” which also act as work hubs, and shared collaborative spaces. All exterior views are retained and enhanced.  A new stairway and floor opening is provided to vertically connect staff areas and increase collaboration.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Monica, CA, US

Photo credit: Barry Schwartz Photography
Photo credit: Barry Schwartz Photography

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