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XTEN Architecture

Culver City, CA | Sissach, CH



Nakahouse is an abstract remodel of a 1960's hillside house. Due to zoning, budget and ecological considerations the foundations were maintained in the design. The interior was completely reconfigured however, several cantilevered terraces added, and the exterior was opened up to the hillside views.

A series of indoor-outdoor spaces with framed views to nature are rendered in white steel, plaster and concrete, lending further to the concept of an ‘uncontained’ space, with no rigid beginnings or ends.

The contrast between the interior and exterior of the house is intentional and total. While the interiors are light and fluid, the exterior walls are finished in a black monolithic plaster system.  These deep black plaster walls act as a net, anchoring the house in the landscape.

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Status: Built
Location: Hollywood Hills, California

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