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    Wang Shu/Amateur Architecture

    Evan Chakroff Feb 27 '12 3


    Congratulations to Wang Shu/Amateur Architecture, recipients of the (just-announced) 2012 Pritzker Prize.... 

    I've been working on an essay on his/their work, but it still needs a few more edits- meanwhile, here are a few photos, and my brief essay on the Ningbo Historic Museum.

    This is excellent news. Good to see good work in China get recognized. 

    Also worth checking out, an old interview with Wang Shu at



    • noripigu
      Feb 28, 12 12:50 pm

      Never heard of Wang Shu. Some of the first images in this gallery, frustrated me about the design decision in china. However after looking through the entire series, i truly enjoyed the artistic beautiful of the material, how the designed separated public spaces. Wang Shu will be someone I will be keeping my eye on in the future.

      Feb 29, 12 6:53 pm

      a mishmash of ideas and gimmicks with materials that further shows the pritzker is nominating this fellow for political convenience rather than architectural artistry. 

      Mar 2, 12 5:57 am

      i feel like this could be an architecture parallel to tim tebow & jeremy lin. someone who's a little rough around the edges but has that innate it design factor. but of course every body has to look down on them akin to what raymonde is saying..

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