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Bruno Lopes

São Paulo, BR


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Bruno Lopes was Born in Passos a city from Minas Gerais State in Brazil, since young was interested in art .  Did so many classes of painting, sculpture, music and photograph. 

Graduate in Architecture , Urbanism and Interior design at the  Anhembi Morumbi  laureate international Universities .

-Has worked as a trainee since the first year of architecture, urbanism and design studies (6 years).

-Stages With  the architect and interior designer Sérgio de Oliveira .Developed commercial projects like hotels, shops, shopping malls as well as housing projects of Luxury accommodation in São Paulo SP- Brazil . 

-Stages With  the architect and interior designer Leo Shehtman. Developed contemporary projects with high tech solutions , worked developing furniture design and creating new solutions for interior  architecture .

-Developed the revitalization project and the landscaping of the old farm and ceramics Harmonia e Santa Luzia in Passos MG-Brazil .

Trainee in the project of homes environmentally correct at University .

Trainee  in the department of architecture and urban planning in City hall of Sao Paulo-SP/Brazil .

Trainee in the department of urban planning in the City hall of Passos MG-Brazil, .

Participated in the Urban Shed International competition  in New York NY-USA in August 2009

 Participated in the Olympic port competition (Porto Olímpico) for the Brazilian Olympic Games.

Participating in the : A house for Lady Gaga competition in the  Icarch site / Chicago USA .

Participated in Marriott competition for a Restaurant Transformer. The project received the name given by Bruno as: Eco Multimedia Restaurant

Part Owner of Bruno Lopes Studios since 2008 . Has working in commercial , residential, health and hospitality projects.

Did renovation projetcs for São José Hospital MG - Brazil

Did renovation project for Otto Krakauer Hospital MG - Brazil

Did renovation for the commercial offices of OLAM international industries, that are  leading global integrated supply chain manager and processor of agricultural products and food ingredients, supplying various products across 16 platforms in 65 countries.
Worked with too many brands in Brazil developing the interior desinge and commercial program.

Did some Fashion and graphic design studies for some brands in Brazil . In Minas Gerais State.

Did some interior Design projects in Minas Gerais State and São Paulo State.

Did some residential projects in condo in Minas Gerais States and São Paulo State in Brazil for high luxury clients.

Has been columnist in a local Journal in Minas Gerais State cities . 

Has Created some market visual art and visual communication conception for clothing brands in Minas Gerais.

Has worked in Architecture, Urbanism, Interior Design, Fashion designer and Graphic design. 

Costumes and fashion editorial free course in Anhembi Morumbi University .



Bruno Lopes Studios, São Paulo - Ribeirão Preto - Passos , Part Owner

Part owner and Responsible for Create and develop all projects of Architecture , interior Design and design in general .

Dec 2008 - current

Leo Shehtman Architecture and Designe, São Paulo, BR, Trainee and Architect Junior

Trainee and Architect Júnior , Hás did jobs in several áreas. Developing interior design projects and architectural projects with a sênior architect .
Helping in a conception of art and design project for exhibition like Casa Cor in São paulo Brazil that is the most important fair in Interior design in Brazil .

Mar 2007 - Mar 2008


Universidade Anhembi Morumbi Laureate International Universities ., São Paulo, BR, MArch, Graduation

-Graduate in Architecture , Urbanism and Interior design at the Anhembi Morumbi Laureate International Universities .
Has studied for 6 years to be licensed as an Architect Urbanist and designer.
Made 6 years part time of practice work experience during all the gratuation .

Jan 2004 - Dec 2009

Areas of Specialization 


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