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DEEP NORTH: Light, Snow, and Alvar Aalto

Aalto Town Hall: Lights, Snow, and Alvar Aalto Central Railway Terminal, Helsinki. Blast off to Rovaniemi! The Regional Library of Lapland, Alvar Aalto. (1965) The Regional Library of Lapland. Interior Illumination. Panorma of the Regional Library of Lapland. The Regional Library of Lapland. Ceiling Curve Detail The Regional Library of Lapland. Jennifer Wong on sunken reading room stairs. The Regional Library of Lapland. Bronwyn Charlton & Cordelia Kotin in sunken reading room. Alexander Morley at Alvar Aalto's Villa Aho. Professor Matti Rautiola describing Aalto's site planning Aalto Town Hall. Auditorium VR Train Trip from Helsinki to Rovaniemi Panorma of Korundi Music Hall, Juhani Pallasmaa Panorma of Rovaniemi Airport, by Heikkinen-Komonen Snow Theater, Rovaniemi Seating in Snow Theater, Rovaniemi Jennifer Wong in relationship hidden park bench buried in snow. Typical hallway of Ice Hotel outside Rovaniemi: not worth the cost! Ice Hotel outside Rovaniemi: $$$$$ SNOW DIVING after sauna!!!!!! Alvar Aalto's Lappia Hall, Rovaniemi. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

Ice Hotel outside Rovaniemi: $$$$$

Ice Hotel outside Rovaniemi: $$$$$

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