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Feb '13 - Jul '13

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    Final Design of the Pavilion MÖBIUS

    Jason Nam Apr 24 '13 0

    Meet Möbius: the pareSITE.

    Last year, reSITE's inflatable pavilion was called Rosy the Ballerina. We liked calling our pavilion as if it were a person (after all, we spend more time with it than our real friends), so we decided to continue this theme for this year. Our environmental pavilion will go by the name 'Möbius' (the pavilion's form) and have the description paRESITE (play on the words parametric, parasite, and reSITE).

    The final design of Möbius was inspired by the mobius strip, a surface with only one side and only one boundary components. The semi-enclosed form protects against the harsh elements of nature while letting the gentle ones in while the triangular modules provide stability. On each trianglular module, there are 3 seperate “petals” that open and close responding to the humidity. With the help of Rhino and Grasshopper, we were able to realize the concept.

    With the finalized design, the FLD students are now in the stage of fabricating the pieces of this pavilion at their workshop. In June, we will build Möbius on site! Stay tuned to see blog posts on the constructions process.

    See you in June. Cheers!

    - Jason


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