The Human Experience

How do the qualities (phenomena) of light, materials, and texture enhance our lives?

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    Light Phenomena

    My initial thoughts are to create a wider dialogue around what influences, makes, impacts, and creates the human experience of architecture, or more broadly, the human experience of space.  I have personally experienced incredible moments of inspiration in the smallest and largest of spaces, and believe many ingredients come together to 'make' this experience; movement, light quality, color, textures, geometry, frame of mind, etc.  

    Beginning with light, perhaps because it is the most basic of natural phenomena which influence our experience.  Scientists, explorers, designers, architects have been searching for explanations of light, in general, for centuries.  My question is how does light, or the particular qualities of light mold our experience of space?

    Perhaps this blog can become an amazing collection of thoughts and ideas explaining, thinking, considering, in a variety ways, what makes and influences the human experience.


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About this Blog

How we feel in a space is often ignored. Let's explore the phenomena of environments and spatial qualities - color, light, texture, movement, through dialogue, stories, narratives, and examples. The goal is to discover opinions and ideas informing our perceptions and perspectives of the human experience of architecture.

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