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    Desk Interview #1--Evan

    ysoa2014 Feb 18 '12 1

    Here at the YSOA our desks become quite cluttered as piles of models and drawings accumulate with each project. As a means to introduce our class and to document our own work, or detritus, we are presenting a set of interviews that both showcase the messiness of graduate school production and thought.

    The following series of interview questions are taken from Log 23 as a way to contrast the current generation of aspiring architects with the responses of those already established.

    Name: Evan

    Place of Birth: Tampa

    Nationality: American

    Mountains or Sea: Sea

    Beatles or Rolling Stones: Beatles

    Lady Gaga or Beyonce: Lady Gaga

    Mac or PC: PC

    Do you ride the wave or do you resist it?: I don't do either, I'm ambivalent.

    Do you spell architecture with a capital A?: Yes.

    What is your favorite color?: Pink.

    Plan or Section: Section.

    Axonometric or Perspective?: Perspective

    Plastic or Tectonic: Tectonic.

    Is the architect a victim of circumstances?: No.

    Can architecture be used as a language?: Yes.

    Is architecture a means or an end?: Means.

    Is architecture democratic?: No.

    Should architecture be democratic?: No.

    Spider, bee, or ant. Which is the best architect?: Spider, it's a more singular act.

    Is architecture masculine or feminine?: Masculine.

    One of your favorite buildings?: Kimbell Art Museum.

    Farnsworth House or Glass House?: Glass House.

    Corb or Mies?: Corb.

    Less or more?: More.

    Form follows function?: No.

    Between art and science, where is architecture situated?: Depends on the definition of those two...right where they get confused.

    Soundtrack:Preen Womenswear A/W12 Tracklist:
    Emptyset – Void
    The Jam – The Butterfly Collector
    PTP – Rubber Glove Seduction
    Mandy Smith – I Just Can't Wait (Segment)
    Pergolesi – Stabat Mater Dolorosa
    Aphex Twin – Ptolemy Preen


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