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    Goodbye Shanghai

    andreas viglakis Nov 24 '10 9

    Synopsis: "While embezzling $14 billion from a Chinese bank for the US government, two Western bankers grab $15 million in cash for themselves. They store it in an upright bass case and wander the streets of Shanghai, waiting for their morning departure. When the more experienced of the two insists they spend their last night partying in a local club, the night takes a wild turn. Goodbye Shanghai explores the negative effects of Western imperialism on modern Chinese culture."

    Not sure how well or deep it goes in its exploration these negative effects, but the (short) film has a nice aesthetic and good music. Incidentally, I recall Bank of America selling its stake in China Construction Bank, but I am not sure to what extent the events in this film are, or could have been, a "true" story. I am also not sure if the average Chinese was as elated about the news as the man in the opening scene. Anyway, it makes me miss Shanghai, if nothing else.


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