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    Architecturally favored chaos

    Michael Rogers Oct 11 '09 3

    Week number one just wrapped up in a momentously disorienting storm of programming, reading, presenting, cracking, hacking, foreign pronunciations, lectures and chaos. In short, architecturally flavored chaos. No one knows how many classes we have or where we are supposed to be right now but we do know one thing: it is time to produce. This realization set in around Wednesday and studio turn into a mad house. Catenary models began climbing down from the ceilings, maintenance began demanding that we put back the buildings components that we used to make the models… Masses of laser cut puzzle pieces form nebulas clouds that are especially good at blocking doorways and more software is being cracked than you can shake a stick at. Its quite amazing when I stood back and observed the change in attitude from Monday and eon ago. There are beautiful models everywhere and from behind each of them the same explanation is echos “we don’t know what the f*#k we are doing…”

    But that sentence contains both a ‘we’ and a ‘doing’ and that is all we know for sure around here.



    • z.g.a.
      Oct 12, 09 3:57 pm

      haha excellent

      Oct 13, 09 9:12 am



      Oct 16, 09 3:38 pm

      i have a great pleasure reading your posts... it is amazing how these kind of academic structures are so fascinating and motivating for the students, pushing you to think about how the architecture, life in general is understood nowdays. I am sure i will keep reading your post expecting some pics also

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