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    studio relationships

    Droselle Apr 20 '09 5

    I just heard an interesting fact the other day: 20% of my class is in a studio relationship. So out of 50, there are ten people dating. None of whom were dating before studio. I am lucky enough to be in that category. Who knew that studio is such a matchmaker.



    • Gregory DowellGregory Dowell
      Apr 20, 09 10:36 pm

      With as much time as you already spend together it only makes sense...right?

      I'm not aware of any studio relationships in my graduate studio and only recall a handful from my undergrad days. I personally don't like mixing business with pleasure (you can decide if the relationship is the business or pleasure).

      Apr 20, 09 11:31 pm

      i used to shit where i eat

      gave up at that game

      maya mcdifference
      Apr 21, 09 6:36 pm

      i used to shit where i eat

      gave up at that game

      ...well said disinfect, well said

      Apr 21, 09 8:44 pm

      To be honest...if my girlfriend was also an architect I would probably go insane.

      A Center for Ants?
      Apr 22, 09 6:13 pm

      most studio couples are hookups that just last too long...

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