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    Will Payne Aug 24 '08 2

    Hello. I am currently about to begin year 2 of the 2 year+ M.Arch program here at the UW. We're on the quarter system here so I don't officially start classes again until the 24th of September. However, my studio this fall is an interdisciplinary urban design studio w/ master of landscape Arch. students and master of urban planning students. We will be working on a project in downtown Seattle focusing on pedestrian oriented urban design and will be traveling to Copenhagen Denmark for two weeks prior to the quarter beginning. Although, they are not teaching the studio we will be working with Gehl Architects out of Copenhagen. We will meet with them in Copenhagen and they will visit and critique our work a couple of times during the fall quarter. Nancy Rottle of the Green Futures Research and Design Lab will be teaching the studio alongside Kathryn Merlino from the Dept. of Architecture. I'll post more on the trip as it unfolds come September.
    Currently, I'm working on a project that is a collaboration between what has traditionally been called the Storefront Studio and the Washington State DOT. Myself, one other M.Arch graduate student and Jim Nicholls of the Dept. of Architecture are working with two small communities in Washington - Morton and Goldendale - who have highways running through town that intersect with downtown in some way. I'll have more to post on that project soon.
    And of course there was all of last year which I'll begin to summarize by pointing you here to my current website with pdfs of some of my work from last year. It's not entirely up to date right now, but I'm hoping to deal with that before the next quarter begins in what amounts to about two weeks for me. I'll end this post with a few images from last year - more of that to come soon.
    myself during the spring quarter 08_studio w/ Glenn Murcutt

    arch. students on a field trip to vancouver_winter quarter 2008


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