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    Laura Oct 16 '06 5

    This weekend isn't the first time that a studio professor has asked us to do something that turned out to be somewhat impossible. Our professor wanted us to make a film about swimming this weekend, and it turns out that bringing cameras into the pools at the university is strictly forbidden unless we have an email from the director or something absurd.

    Anyway, when we went to film it turned out that I knew the lifeguard (she's the only lifeguard I know and she happened to be on duty which was awesome) and after an obscene amount of begging she told us she'd try not to notice us breaking thousands of laws all at once. Others had to sneak their cameras in and a few got kicked out.

    We edited until two in the morning and our film is awesome. It's about the strange experience that is swimming exhibited by applying pool-related situations to normative life, resulting in this really abstract effect that kicks ass. I wish I could post it but it seems like a lot of effort.


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