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    archtopus Oct 5 '06 2

    No, I'm not referring to the style of Boulee and Ledoux, but to the podcast that we've just started at the School of Architecture and Interior Design here. Each episode will be a discussion featuring SAID professors
    (and occasionally other relevant experts) on an important architectural issue.

    In the first episode: "The Grammar of Ornament and Crime and Punishment", with Elizabeth Riorden, Patrick Snadon and Terry Boling. And you get to hear me stumbling over the issue a bit too. I'm the host.

    We've submitted it to iTunes, but I guess they take their time accepting new podcasts to the directory, so in the mean time, you can manually subscribe to it with our RSS feed: (To do this in iTunes, go to the "Advanced" menu and click on "Subscribe to Podcast . . .", then paste that link in the field.)

    I'll warn you, the audio quality isn't superb. Using an area mic that picks up every sound and pumping that through a video camera to get it into iMovie, then exporting the audio to publish it in GarageBand is a bitch. We've ordered better equipment for the subsequent episodes.



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