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Sep '06 - Oct '07

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    Very Good, very good- response to your responses

    mikilee Sep 24 '06 0

    Haha- such good comments. I threw out that experience just to see if anyone was listening. Glad to hear some people care...


    all i have to say, now, is that there is a dynamic between instructors and students in school that is quite interesting. there's a mutual anxiety shared, about knowing and not knowing, about producing and revealing your work. there's something to be said about working on your own ideas, and thinking through problems, and also communicating to the group. some students want to learn, others don't. some want to share, some don't - it's quite like kindergarden.

    i come from a very collaborative background, and find it really interesting how people work in studio. it's a shame when people don't share- but it's human. think about that.

    that's all for now- till my next notorious post.



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