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    Film & Architecture - Eisenstein

    l8rpeace Sep 13 '06 5

    We have a brilliant elective course this semester that I took - Film & Architecture. Over the course of the semester, we will analyze some famous films (most noted on this site as good films for architecture, I've noticed). Then after discussion (this is a seminar, so naturally), we will present ideas for architectural analysis and design.

    This first film for full analysis/discussion was Battleship Potemkin by Eisenstein. The notion of montage plays heavily in the film, and different scenes/imagery is edited together to create one unified idea. Eisenstein is great because he was something of a Renaissance thinker, and his ideas came from and apply to architecture. From the film applications of panorama, montage, sequence=path, lighting/shadow and framing, we're now going to do a site analysis and apply one or many of the key concepts. We were talking about Le Corbusier, Andreas Gursky, Vertov, Choisy, Vidler, Rem Koolhaas, and Malevich, the Acropolis, the Carpenter Center, and MoMA NY.



    • Marlin
      Sep 14, 06 4:02 am

      Curious course. I'm glad to hear your profesor is sinking you into the roots of film! Per my own interests, I'm excited your elective incudes discussion on photographer Andreas Gursky.
      Good one. Keep us updated on the films screened in class.


      Sep 14, 06 5:11 am

      nothing on Tschumi and Manhattan Transcripts?

      who are you taking?

      Sep 14, 06 9:23 am

      sorry...I forgot to mention tschumi (and it's quite an omission, considering that I can see his new building, blue, from my house. in fact, i'd personally read manhattan transcripts a few semesters ago when I was considering sequence and path. When we present ideas next week, I'll formulate an all inclusive, less general post with images.

      vado retro
      Sep 14, 06 9:59 am

      man we talked about eisenstein when i taught design 101 in 1991. he had that ffrizzy hair and rode a bike and played the violin.

      Sep 14, 06 5:04 pm
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