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    Final Review

    Jon Kher Kaw Apr 26 '05 8

    Final review went better than expected, at least for my project. I was still fabricating diagrams and trying to refine my thesis claim to the project the night before. My proposal for burying the Los Angeles River with 6 billion cubic feet of sand imported from the desert and using pigeons and cctv to charge the site with public program was somehow readily accepted although fraught with questions and problems.

    A large part of the discussion was about my diagram (which I will try and post an updated version real soon - a simplified one was uploaded in an earlier post) and how relevant it was to use simulation and the problems of translating it into architecture... in fact the question of simulation became a discussion tangent to the discussion of my project during the review with critics taking sides on both sides ofthe fence - it's sometimes nice to see how your project can actually split the jury into two or more camps.

    I'm so glad studio is over, time to get some rest and finally explore New York City proper! Some selected images from my presentation:



    • barbaric
      Apr 26, 05 2:26 pm

      congrats James! Good luck exploring the city, are you going to china after graduation?

      David Cuthbert
      Apr 26, 05 4:04 pm

      what do u do with the water from the river???

      Erin WilliamsErin Williams
      Apr 26, 05 4:16 pm

      there isn't any. That's the whole point of these "LA River" projects - it's a great concrete tunnel that has been rendered completely useless, and creates this immense division through the city. So professors decide it'd be a good problem to give to students, and in LA schools even sometimes invite city officials, hoping to god that someone with a little power/money gets inspired to do something about it.

      Apr 26, 05 10:02 pm

      delicious ambiguity

      Javier ArbonaJavier Arbona
      Apr 26, 05 10:16 pm

      The LA River actually does move water.

      Apr 26, 05 11:36 pm

      ah ha!

      Erin WilliamsErin Williams
      Apr 26, 05 11:52 pm

      I've been here five years, and never once seen water in that concrete hole.

      liberty bell
      Apr 27, 05 12:07 am

      So the corollary to the "What do you do with the water?" question is, what do you pour into the 6 billion cubic foot hole in the Mohave Desert?

      Looks like a cool project, and funny.

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