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    The Gates at Central Park

    Jon Kher Kaw Feb 12 '05 1

    Central Park opened to a sea of Christos' orange gates today and it was greeted with a swarm of eager New Yorkers wanting to see what this massive 21 million dollar project was all about. The event made it to the headlines of CNN on the web. Although I've seen the sketches for this project published somewhere before, I'm still not very familar with the works of Christo and Jeanne Claude. Apart from the crowd; it was nonetheless a pleasant day to spend at Central Park. The orange gates gave some colour to the otherwise dreary february sky and when the breeze came, the fabric dancing over a sea of people was a sight especially when confronted with the massive scale of the installation. What I really wanted to know is how they pulled it off - CNN claimed that the artists paid for the project - 21 million dollars in total for all 7500 gates!

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