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    Sean! Feb 8 '05 3

    After two study models, and a partial site model this weekend. All I could think to myself is we really need one of those laser cutters @ NyIT

    My studioMate johnney hard at work!




    • jdubkid
      Feb 8, 05 10:01 am

      Wow that guy Johnny looks smart and fun to hang out with. You are lucky!

      Feb 8, 05 10:31 pm

      Actually I really don't want to sound mean but that guy john really doesn't look like an architecture student

      Feb 10, 05 12:10 pm

      You know what youngTOMcruise, you are right. He looks more like a model, a model who is an architectural intellect. I stand by what I said before, Sean is a lucky man.

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