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    snowy saturday in studio

    adrienne Jan 22 '05 5

    it is very quiet in studio today as the city is being blanketed by a substantial snowfall. it is actually kind of pleasant in studio, at least you don't feel like you're missing out on anything by being stuck inside. we are working in groups to start dealing with the programatic requirements of the casino, and as "research" watched Ocean's 11 last night post happy hour.

    still no DeLanda class, he was sick last week, so I can't report on that one yet, but my Material Effects class is looking really promising. we are going to be working on intricate diagrams that trace material flows. i hope i can end up with something a la Derek Lerner , but that is pretty ambitious. (Check out the link for some great diagrams if you don't know his work).

    The view towards Locust Walk from Meyerson Hall



    • Alex MaymindAlex Maymind
      Jan 22, 05 2:44 pm

      derek lerner looks fuckin amazing. what is that class like?-alexmaymind

      Jan 23, 05 11:01 am

      yeah i agree, i never saw Lerner's (derek) work before, but since im getting a diagram addict lately that link was very interesting...u should show ur diagrams when u get done with them....

      Jan 23, 05 11:03 am

      sorry im just checking with this my "entries" name on ur blog, sorry

      Jan 24, 05 12:49 pm

      i will definitely post when i get something worthwhile far the class has been really interesting. the seminars are informative and the readings are more theoretical which makes for a nice balance.

      Jul 20, 06 7:27 pm

      Glad you guys like my work. I have updated my website with quite a few new pieces.~~~ Derek

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