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    like an interstelar burst Im back to save the universe.

    oe Dec 11 '04 2

    Hey? What happened to my "come like the leaves?" entry?

    I have discovered recently that there is a difference between litterally 3d and actually 3d.

    um. more later Im sure.



    • Archinect
      Dec 12, 04 4:55 pm

      your "come like the leaves entry" is here. you didn't select your school, so it's not visible in your blog. you also didn't select your school in your most recent blog post. you can fix these problems in the control panel.

      Dec 13, 04 3:57 pm

      Radiohead is my favourite band !!


      w00t !!

      ¥ € $

      ~congrats on your recent discovery, btw

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