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Feb '05 - Jan '08

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    what are you insinuating?

    michael garrett Feb 27 '05 0

    studio now ventures forth using interventionist strategy. we are tasked with conducting a series of 'insinuations' within our own building. we will later move to the larger context of dallas with these concepts in mind.

    these insinuations are in fact critiques of the space in which we are expected to be inspired every day. rather than signify areas of improvement, i am experimenting with rhino as a 'robotic armature' (as taken from previous robotic investigations) that in fact dismantles the space entirely. we begin by keyframing through photographic montage. i have also undertaken some diagramming in rhino, where i locate the 'control points' within the building to aid in its transformation.

    the following represent the transition from storyboard sketch to photo-montage to diagram.


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