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    March 17th, 2015: Yokohama Redux - T_ADS seminar presentation

    Tokyo University T_ADS Mar 19 '15 1

    As a part of an event, "Yokohama Redux: The Saga of Continuous Architecture" on March 17th at Hongo Campus, the semester-long seminar course at the University of Tokyo presented their research and manifestos. The event consisted of mid-term presentations by design studios at Princeton, U-Penn, Columbia, and Nagoya Institute of Technology, joined by a seminar from the University of Tokyo. The topic of the studios and the seminar was to revisit Yokohama International Ferry Terminal Competition, marking its 20th anniversary, in order to examine and develop the concept of Continuous architecture, which was a base of winning proposal by FOA.

    The event was a full-house and followed by a lively science-fair format discussions.

    Please join us for this event next year.


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Founded in 2014, T_ADS was established to contribute and enhance the state-of-the-art architectural design education, and cultivate architectural culture in Japan. Going beyond the legacy of Japanese pedagogy in which individual laboratories conduct their respective researches, T_ADS is composed of multiple interdisciplinary labo-platforms; each with concentration on a specific aspect of various themes arising from the society where globalism and regionalism coexist.

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