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  • Winter

    In trying to define a thesis - because that is that time of year - one can dig himself a deep and dark hole by bouncing between two approaches (two extremes?). a. Does this have everything (or anything) to do with problem-solving, or b. is it about rigorously working at creating opportunities that are unashamedly thought of as impossible?

    If these are not the same question, bottled differently, I'd go for b.

  • Al Manakh: Gulf Continued

    For those interested, here's the lecture, live:

  • tokyo flashbacks

  • Tokyo

    Tokyo-Ga. Wim Wenders gives the world a humbling film. He visited Tokyo because of Yasujiro Ozu, someone he never met, but to whom he feels an unexplained familiarity. A student and a mentor. Wenders never met Ozu in the sense that we understand meetings to have taken place. He met him through...

  • prnt scren 24-31

    Term 2 has come to an end last week. We have a month long Easter break, which is a fairly busy time considering it's supposedly a break. A lot of fun things will happen though. Studio trips take place during this month, with our studio heading to Tokyo next week (other studio trips include another...

  • prnt scren 17-23

    More developments in attempting to embed some sort of anatomy into the bodies. They are still simple, but each chain/creature, start to act as a collective, which was mainly enabled through using a physics engine, pbox2d, and exploiting its springs and collisions. Another biweekly review explains...

  • prnt scrn 10-16

    These are a little overdue. Spent a big chunk of last week preparing for a seminar presentation where I had to present a reading on Donna Haraway's work, which fell within the context of other related work presented on that day including readings from Norbert Wiener, Heinz Von Foerster and others...

  • prnt scrn 3-9

    had a review sometime in the middle of the week, which explains the day with my desktop background as the screen shot. We're still trying to understand what constitutes an ecology within our digital environment. We also realized that we need to tackle the notion of how these things start to become...

  • prnt scrn 2

    more processing work. p.s. All studio work is done with Tyson Hosmer, Michael Dosier, and Ryan Szanyi.

  • prnt scrn 1

    what if I take a screen shot everyday and revisit it all in a year, when I'm done with all of this? I keep on making these huge claims, that are in fact simple to do, but always find myself ignoring them. One of the other studios here have a design for disassembly component that they need to...

  • lateness live stream

    I'm not sure if any of you can see the live stream from outside the building. Since the hall is full, I'll have to make do with this. For all those interested:

  • frying brains

    I was just reading Hans Moravec’s prediction/belief/fantasy(?) where human consciousness will be downloaded into a digital form where it is either given free reign to roam around in cyberspace or be restrained within the body of a robot. He writes about scientists frying human brains and...

  • question

    A couple of months ago I attended a public conversation between Brett Steele and Marc Wigley which was moderated by Mark Cousins. Not surprisingly, the conversation revolved around contemporary education. Of the many things that stuck with me from that night, one statement by Mark Cousins remains...

  • thom mayne

    Thom Mayne came for an evening lecture at the AA, after nearly 25 years of absence. He went through a good number of his new projects in a concise manner, and, in short, my (naive) opionion leaving the lecture was that it's this kind of person that makes you feel good about being an architecture...

  • lots of images

    long overdue. flickr year-wide page. Have not been updated in a while though.

  • Just Leave

    Something I heard a couple of weeks ago, in a roundtable discussion between Brett Steele, Mark Wigley, and Mark Cousins. Mark Cousins said something along the lines of "if you hear a discussion start by the words architecture is... just leave" true.

  • First Works

    My attmept at widening scope. Last friday an exhibition opened in the main gallery at the AA entitled First Works. I found it timely because I have been struggling for a while with the theme of the exhibition (outlined in the curatorial statement). The work on show in the exhibition, all done in...

  • Plaster and Other Things 2

    Here are the photos of some of the casts before the casting operations. The work here was done with Brendon Carlin, Kyle Chou, Carlos Piles, and Lluis Enrique Monzo.

  • Plaster and Other Things

    Workshop 1 (i.e project 1, it can be confusing, it took me a while) at the AADRL has come to an end last week. I had already given the a short description of the brief in an earlier post so I'll dedicate this to show a number of images that should portray a clear cross-section of the work that was...

  • Analog Machines

    Fall Studio at the AADRL is divided into Workshop 1 and Workshop 2, with a number of options in each set. The workshop I am taking part of is titled "Matter as Computation: Experimentation in Analog Machines" and is run by Theo Spyropoulos and Rob Stuart-Smith. The workshop aims at engaging...

  • Design (not Digital) Research Lab

    Today was the introduction to the AADRL. AADRL co-director Theo Spyropoulos gave a short presentation that was followed by an informal discussion about the programme's structure. The first words uttered by Spyropoulos were that this is not a "Digital Research Laboratory" but a "Design Research...

  • Orientation: An Introduction to Informality

    Today was the first day of Orientation Week at the Architectural Association. I had thought it would be a little weird being outnumbered by people who are younger than me. I'm not entirely used to that because I have always been younger than my classmates and colleagues at work and in school but I...

  • Flight VS 401 DXB to LHR

    So I just landed safely in London after my 7:30 hours flight. I need make my final arrangements and settle down as soon as possible. I don't want to be running around while school is well underway. As I said before, orientation starts on the 21st of September. Will probably go down to the school...

  • A Little More Real By the Second

    I received an email from Archinect (i.e. Paul) yesterday telling me that I can now start posting blogs as this year's new Architectural Association's DRL blogger. Coincidentally, yesterday was my last day at the office, and as I was on my way home (shortly before seeing Paul's email) I was...

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