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  • valuable experience

    About twenty of us, all students of architecture, traveled to Louisiana over this winter break hoping to contribute to the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast region. We were there for just over two weeks of demolition work and some construction while working under the guidance of the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.


  • Apathy in Architecture School

    Is it important that architects care about society and politics? I was so sure that it was important. Yet, throughout my undergraduate education in Architecture and now at the end of my first semester of grad school I find myself among students that prefer the polite small talk. The polite small...

  • The best week I've ever had, EVER!

    With three weeks remaining before final reviews (DEC.8), schedules are getting tight, stress levels are increasing and spirits are a little low. Valuable final presentations and papers are due soon for some of the most boring classes that I will ever take as a student. Funds are low and plans need...

  • 158 words on hiding

    "I need to make it clear that full and complete hiding is not what I'm interested in. It seems to become too simply about a puzzle and often results in camouflage as a solution. What is interesting to me, because it connects more with what I'm interested in at this point in my education, is the...

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