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  • Enantiomorph[ao]


    Chirality (Greek handedness, derived from the word stem χειρ, ch[e]ir - hand) is an asymmetry property important in ... all » several branches of science. An object or a system is called chiral if it differs from its mirror image. Such objects then come in two forms, which are mirror images of each other, and these pairs of mirror image objects are called enantiomorphs (Greek opposite forms) or, when referring to molecules, enantiomers. A non-chiral object is called achiral (sometimes also amphichiral).

    a|Um STUDIO:
    Ed Keller & Carla Leitao

    _ Roland Snooks
    _ Ezio Blasetti
    _ Dave Pigram

    _ Daniel Vasini
    _ Emiliano Espasandin

    _ Claudia Sisti, EXTERNA Lda. [Landscape Consultant]
    _ Valdemar Leitao, Umasideia Lda. [Structural Consultant]

    brief - MAK center
    my blog
    google videos


  • Unnatural Selection

    Independent Research - GSAPP - Spring 2006 Team Ezio Blasetti, Mark Collins Toru Hasegawa, Dave Pigram + Roland Snooks. Supervisor Hernan Diaz Alonsolarge - link to GSAPP

  • Slides from my final Presentation in Karl Chu's Studio

    Hilbert's Hotel ;) best - eziobrief - link to GSAPPlink to my blog for bigger pictures

  • hello again, it's been a while

    well life in Columbia GSAPP is very intense, I just came out from a presentation for studio "and I survived", .... I'll post my images from this presentation (3/4 in Karl Chu's studio - theme: Hilbert's Hotel) best - eziobrief - link to GSAPPslideshow-in new window

  • Alonso's topologicalMUTATION final review part2

    This project is a technique based inquiry into the behavioural characteristics of form. The generation of form follows a morphological process in which geometry coded with behavioural intelligence becomes responsive to a field of influence. The project emerges from, and is the extension of a...

  • Alonso's topologicalMUTATION final review

    here come some pictures from our project (team 010) ;)

  • Eisenman - Wigley debate on nothing

    the event of the summer term of the AAD program took place in the wood auditorium last Friday 080505. Interesting conversation, once two figures like Eisenman and Wigley are in it; not so interesting that even if Eisenman would really like to answer questions, yet we didn't have the chance to ask...

  • Previous Weeks’ (tiny) Summary

    Just to give you a clue, to have a pretext for my future posts: Summer Term started around Jun 1st; classes I registered for: Metropolis and After (Reinhold Martin), Advanced Architecture Studio (Crit: Ed Keller), Topological State of Mutation (Hernan Diaz Alonso) and Fundamentals of Digital...

  • 1st post.....

    so, here we go... my time at columbia university started a couple of months ago, so if anyone is interested I would encourage him to visit my personal blog where I have been posting since my arrival to NYC: In general my intentions is to run both blogs in the same...

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