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Street Elevation
Street Elevation
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Seaside Motors

Inexpensive retail facelift for a drab Rover reseller on Lincoln Boulevard.  The client could not make up his mind and hired me to put an addition on his home as well.  Both projects addressed his requests carefully yet caused him to doubt his own marketing approaches.  

The lot was restrictive, yet the client wanted even more cars to fit.  Even slight modifications in Santa Monica require strict, sustainable code compliance and sight lines causing even less cars to fit on the lot.  One proposal included elevated vehicular lifts given that we could not park on the roof by code, nor inexpensively.

He opted to do nothing.  Getting paid was difficult as well....  

He was a car salesman!   Nuff said...

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Monica, CA, US
My Role: Designer, Draftsman, Administrator


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