Atos Batarra

Atos Batarra

Riccione Marina, IT

Qanat Quartier In the Pearl Doha Qatar
Qanat Quartier In the Pearl Doha Qatar

Qanat Quartier in the Pearl Doha Qatar

 I spent in the last 4 years  in Qatar  on a large scale and landmark project (The Pearl) with following responsibilities: 
  •       Coordinating the development design, or creation of new applications, ideas, relationships systems or products, including artist contribution
•       Choosing, verifying and super visioning contractors.
•       Coordinating the work of contractors.
•       Solving problems that may arise during building and realization.
•       Ensuring that work is prepared as per specifications in the highest standards.
•       Carrying out defect inspections.
•       Performing site surveys.
•       Attending production and on-site operations meetings.

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Status: Built
Location: Doha Qatar

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