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Light Drawing
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These exercises were done in Andrew Atwood's seminar 'Taped:  3D Registrations and Speculations'

The following is Andrew's seminar description (paraphrased):

"This seminar focused on the registration, speculation and deposition of stranded material onto 3D objects.  Using the SCI Arc Robot House as our point of origin, the seminar explored and developed methodologies for the analysis and fabrication of objects using stranded/taped materials through robotic processes of control.  The seminar began with a series of discrete exercises based on 3D image projection as a means to speculate about the robots abilities to register nonuniform 3D objects then move to the physical realm and fabricate a series of taped prototypes."

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Status: School Project
Location: SCI-Arc ESTm Seminar - Summer 2012
Additional Credits: In collaboration with Grey Crowell, Kai Reaver, Peter Vikar
Instructors: Andrew Atwood, Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto

Light Drawing
Light Drawing

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