Alinsan Esteves

Alinsan Esteves

Boston, MA, US


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I am a candidate to Bachelors of Architecture at the Boston Architectural College. Currently I am in the Second Segment of the B.Arch curriculum. My immediate objective is to earn an official position at an architectural services firm or similar, working directly with BIM. I would like get involved more in depth with BIM coordination, management, scheduling, and energy modeling. I am very passionate about BIM and confident with my current skills, after two invaluable internships I am eager to take this next step in my career.



Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, Boston, Office of Planning, Design and Construction Intern

DCAMM (formerly known only as DCAM) is the state agency responsible for major building construction and Real Estate Services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. At DCAMM I had the opportunity to experience the client's perspective in the design process. As an intern responsibilities include assisting Project Managers and Program Managers with programming and space planning utilizing Revit, AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Other responsibilities include attending meetings for both in-house and outside projects, sometimes at a Designer of Record's space and/or Project Site as well as assisting DCAMM staff and outside sources with BIM, AutoCAD and others as I operate from DCAMM's "BIM Station". In addition, I assist with DD Construction Document and Spec Review, Cost Analysis, etc.

Oct 2012 - current

Finegold Alexander + Associates, Boston, MA, US, Marketing / Construction Administration Intern

While at Finegold Alexander + Associates I had my first real-world involvement in the practice field of Architecture. I was fortunate to work closely in both the Marketing Department and Construction Administration Department. Marketing related responsibilities included helping with proposals, prepare presentations (digitally and physically), creating Ads and other graphics, completing DSB forms, creating project sheets, organize/standardize project database, attend DSB meetings, etc. Extensive use of InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, PowerPoint, were required. Responsibilities related to Construction Administration tasks included filling, downloading/uploading RFI's, Submittals, and Proposal Requests using Procore (Online Project Management site), RFI review, construction site visit/photographic documentation of progress and conflicts, weekly meetings with client and contractors. Other tasks included model making, film scanning and digitization, zoning/historic building research, some schematic design graphics, Photoshop renderings, etc.

Mar 2012 - Dec 2012

BAC Gateway Initiative, Boston, MA, US, N/A Design Team Member

Working as a group of six 6 BAC students we proposed design solutions for the First United Parish of Everett. Tasks involved: historical research, field measurements (no as-builts available), CAD drafting of existing conditions, code research in accessibility, zoning laws, government grants, and cost estimates, analysis of circulation, current programmatic needs, facade restoration, sound, lighting, landscaping, water infiltration among others. In addition we were responsible for setting up meetings with clients, interviews, presentations, etc.

Jan 2012 - May 2012

Boardwalk Properties ~ Jacob Realty ~ NextGen Realty, Boston, MA, US, Licensed Real Estate Professional

As a Licensed Real Estate Professional working at the largest agency in New England (Boardwalk Properties, NextGen Realty, and Jacob Realty) focusing on leasing I learned to work both as a team and independently in a office environment with my own schedule and a commission-only based salary. Experienced in the entire sales process from learning the market, to cold calling/warm calling, marketing, pre-qualifying clients, closing clients, and follow-up/referrals. Worked as a dual-agent for both landlord and tenant's best interest simultaneously. Managed appointments, followed-up with clients, co-signers, landlords, property managers, payments, paperwork, etc. Average monthly closing of 8-12k.

Dec 2009 - Oct 2011

Boston Architectural College (BAC), Boston, MA, US, Teacher Assistant

Responsibilities consisted of guiding students in design projects, provide feedback, assist with general studio concerns such as project presentation, expressing ideas through difference media, model building, SketchUp, etc. In addition, I was responsible for assisting during field trips and special events.

Jul 2007 - Aug 2007


Boston Architectural College (BAC), Boston, MA, US, High School, Bachelors of Architecture

Oct 2006 - current


Segment I Portfolio Award, 1st Place

Every BAC student whether in Bachelor's or Master's program, regardless of degree program is required to submit a portfolio after their segment I curriculum with a passing score in order to advance to the next segment. It is "intended to evaluate a student’s readiness for advancement through the BAC curriculum and to communicate the results of this evaluation to the student through a standardized process". In order to qualify for the Segment I Portfolio Award the Student's portfolio must pass Segment I Portfolio Review with at least one recommendation to be considered for nomination for the award, after which the student's portfolio is reviewed and selected by a committee to determine who will be officially nominated for the award.


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