Adam Lasota

Adam Lasota

Newark, NJ, US


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An opportunity to work in a contemporary design firm with a strong focus in design with the future goal of becoming a licensed, LEED certified architect.

-To never be in a state of "boredom"
-To constantly expand my knowledge + experience
-To always seek improvements in creativity + thinking
-Acquire my Architectural Licensing
-Partner or Own a successful Firm
-Implement contemporary Architectural explorations to improve individual and social living



Rietveld Architects, New York, NY, US, Junior Architect

After working at C+C Architecture for a number of years, my opportunity to work at a well established firm presented itself through Rietveld Architects LLP. My knowledge of computer software, primarily Graphisoft's ArchiCAD, and skill in architectural design helped to acquire this position.

Although Rietveld Architects is a larger firm, it strives to stay at the 15 person limit. This limit helps to create strong members of the firm with each person having multiple responsibilities. Right from the beginning this attitude of self responsibility and multi-tasking was well established. From constantly learning and evolving with architectural design and technology, everyday is a new challenge.

Furthermore, my tasks involve the following:
-Designing everything from private residences, multi-family apartments, corporate offices, schools, and full commercial buildings ranging in every scale.
-3D modeling in multiple programs throughout multiple phases of projects
-Constant collaboration with the principle architects
-Program analysis at every scale from urban to classroom
-3D printing projects at multiple scales and appropriate 3D modeling techniques

Sep 2013 - current

C+C Architecture, Newark, NJ, US, Junior Architect

After working as an intern part time from May 2009 while attending school, I joined the team full time.

Working a very small firm lends itself to having a large roll in an architectural firm. Quick response, fast thinking, and speeding through a concept have been a theme at C+C. While the push might be overwhelming for some, my experience with such pressure only enlightens my creative ability. Furthermore, having such a grasp on all project stages enriches my IDP process.

Additionally, C+C is completely Graphisoft's ArchiCAD based and takes full advantage of BIM. While we are all still learning new "tricks of the trade" of the software, we strongly believe in the concept and abilities of BIM's efficiency, coordination, and project clarity.

My primary (and certainly not limited to) responsibilities are:
-Designing residential and small commercial.
-Create stunning 3D renderings/visualizations and project presentations.
-Understanding typical and drawing unique details.
-Preparing, coordinating, and drawing cohesive construction documents.
-Strong understanding of local building code + zoning regulations.
-Program analysis based on site, zoning, code, and economic limitations.

May 2012 - Sep 2013

C+C Architecture, Newark, NJ, US, Intern

During semesters, my position as intern was limited to a full day every Friday. On the other hand, during Winter and Summer breaks I worked full time, taking advantage of absorbing as much knowledge of the working architectural world. Another great advantage was through C+C introducing me to BIM through Graphisoft's ArchiCAD.

My responsibilities included:
-Cultivated an ability in conceptual design processes with strong attention to detail
-Communicated construction documents clearly on every scale
-Created and presented compelling graphics and visualizations
-Worked on residential and small scale commercial projects
-Worked on residential rehabilitation projects throughout the city of Newark

May 2009 - May 2012


New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Newark NJ, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

Sep 2007 - May 2012


Siena Study Abroad Program, Other

The ability to take part in a study abroad program for an entire summer in Italy was an amazing learning opportunity. Staying in Rome for 2 weeks, then Siena for 5 weeks, and touring the country during and in between stays was an experience that expanded my mind from social, to cultural, to architectural, and to design understanding.


Masonry Competition, 1st Place

1st Place Studio overall
1st Place Design Presentation
1st Place Display Board Design

My responsibility was the lead in compiling construction documents for an 8'x8'x8' mock up of a studio collaborative project. I also lead in the development of graphics, the Display Board designer, and was the coordinator and presenter for the formal power point presentation to a panel of esteemed judges and the entire school.


Design Excellence Award, 1st Place

Design Excellence award for 2nd year work.


Areas of Specialization 


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