Angel Semper

Angel Semper

Cranston, RI, US



When I was a kid I fell in love with basketball, hand drawing, construction, engineering and architecture. A hunger for solving architectural/design and also to identify engineering problems set the path to pursue a dual training in both professions. I am a team member that works as the “Master Builder”, intermediary, advisor, translator and designer, between both professionals. My first professional opportunity arrived a year before graduation which allowed me to be exposed to put in practice a wide variety of skills set. Throughout my professional career I have acquired experience in operation procedures, designing, remodels, construction documents, presenting and helping clients. These great experiences have opened the doors to other opportunities and set the tone of my career. Also, I’ve been able to use architectural design skills in the transition from 2D CAD to BIM, working directly with clients assessing their needs, implementing creative skills for design development. Also, solving design and technical problems, creating marketing materials and combining both architectural and engineering knowledge to make more cohesive proposals. I am currently pursuing a Master of Architecture at Boston Architecture College.

• Problem solver assessing, learning, and applying theoretical, practical knowledge and excellent analytical skills.
• Easy going and great at working with other team members corroboratively as well as embracing diversity. Very quick at understanding and contributing to the teams goals, and fitting in very well as a team player.
• Excellent at listening to the issues in order to understand the challenges and then implement solutions.
• Great tech skills, firm grasp of many technologies and how they can be best utilized as design tools.
• Incredibly personable, polite and responsible with a great attitude and work ethic. Highly motivated and a self-starter




387 Doric Ave. Cranston, RI 02910

(401) 243-3500



  • »» Schematic Design development
  • »» Design Development
  • »» Programming: client’s requirements and desires
  • »» Construction Documentations process
  • »» Planning and Zoning regulations
  • »» Specification and Material section
  • »» Codes and Regulations including IBC and ADA
  • »» Structural design including wood, steel, and reinforced concrete applications
  • »» Construction Observation and Leadership
  • »» Understanding of statics & strength of materials
  • »» Building Mechanical System including MEP,HVAC, Illumination & Fire Suppression
  • »» Bilingual: Spanish


    Acquired software skills include:


  • »» Revit/BIM applications, 2010-14
  • »» AutoCAD, 2010 -14
  • »» 3Ds Max Design, 2011- 14
  • »» Autodesk Showcase, 2011-14
  • »» Adobe Design suite (Ps & In), CS2-CC
  • »» SketchUp, v5-v8
  • »» MS Office
  • »» Maxwell Render
  • »» PC & MAC
  • »» Synchro Professional




      Boston Architecture College, Boston, MA

      Master of Architecture degree, currently attending


      New England Institute of Technology, Warwick, RI

      Bachelor Degree, Architectural Building Engineering Technology, March 2012



CVS Caremark, RI                                                                                                                    07/2013-present

A&E Design Support Specialist

  • »» Pharmacy and Prototype design support
  • »» BIM/Revit Prototypes development and support
  • »» Specification coordination and preparation
  • »» Presentations and Marketing material development
  • »» Design development documents
  • »» Review design standards and, assess needs and opportunities
  • »» Pharmacy Design Guidelines, redesign
  • »» Construction documents quality control, production and coordination
  • »» CAD standards and Block development


LandTech Consultants, MA                                                                                                      04/2013-08/2013

3D Modeling Technician

  • »» Revit/BIM modeling of existing conditions from Pointclouds
  • »» Marketing materials
  • »» A&E construction document development
  • »» 3Ds Max Design visualizations and renderings

Synchro Ltd, Cambridge, MA                                                                                                  07/2012-11/2012

4D Support Specialist

  • »» Design/ Drafting for commercial and residential construction.
  • »» Revit, AutoCAD and SketchUp Utilization
  • »» 3D BIM content development from 2D design content.
  • »» Synchro Professional, create 4D schedule of 2D / 3D / 4D CAD.
  • »» Virtual Design and construction, produce 4D Visualization for client support, project planning         and presentation.

Lightolier, Philips Brand, Fall River, MA

BIM Technician                                                                                                                       08/2011-07/12

  • »» Lighting facility remodel support
  • »» Responsible for creating 3D Models under Autodesk Seek Revit Model Content Style Guide.
  • »» Design/ Drafting of lighting fixtures and construction documents.
  • »» Work with customers model(s) request as part of the Marketing and Creative Services                     Division.   



CVS Health, Woonsocket, RI, US, A&E Design Support Specialist

» Pharmacy and Prototype design support
» BIM/Revit Prototypes development and support
» Specification coordination and preparation
» Presentations and Marketing material development
» Design development
» Review design standards and, assess needs and opportunities
» Pharmacy Design Guidelines, redesign
» Construction documents quality control, production and coordination
» CAD standards and Block development

Jul 2013 - current

LandTech Consultant Inc., Westford, MA, US, 3D Modeling Technician

LandTech Consultants is a 23 year young Civil Engineering and Land Surveying firm that is deeply immersed in advanced 3D documentation and design technologies. As part of our services we utilize 3D Laser Scanning and other advanced technologies to document the exisitng conditions of buildings being renovated and/or under construction.

- Revit (BIM) 2013-2014, to create 3D models of existing condition and renovation projects.
- Leica Cyclone, 3D models, PointClouds and applications.
- MEP systems and materials, full understanding, and 3D models
- Construction documents preparation for A/E fields
- Autodesk Recap Pointcloud, conversion and manipulation
- Photoshop CC, for post production marketing materials, retouch and rendering enhancement
- 3ds Max, Renderings and Animations

Mar 2013 - Jul 2013

Synchro Ltd, Cambridge, MA, US, 4D Support Specialist

Use Revit Architecture(BIM) to create from 3D / 4D construction models. Use leading CAD systems in the creation of 3D BIM content from 2D design content. Produce 4D models using Synchro Professional for client support of project planning and presentation. Duties included, but not limited to:

 Read 2D AutoCAD construction documents
 Read construction schedules
 Develop detailed BIM site model; surrounding building, roads, road marks, water entities and vegetation
 Create full BIM building models for clients without BIM staff resources
 Link BIM models with schedule to create 4D visualization with Synchro Professional
 Use Synchro 4D visualization software to create animation to detect in real time, schedule issues, errors
or conflicts that could save clients from losses and/or delays.
 Support team members in, BIM uses, modeling techniques, suggestions and training
 Convert 3ds Max Design models into CAD format to be used in Synchro linking process
 Design brochure for Synchro client using Photoshop CS6

Jul 2012 - Nov 2012

Philips Lighting, Lightolier, Fall River, MA US, BIM Technician

Responsible of create 3D Models under Autodesk Seek Revit Model Content Style Guide (RMCSG). Work with costumers’ model(s) request as part of the Marketing Department under Creative Services Division. Duties included, but not limited to:

 Read Product specification sheets
 Use Autodesk Inventor models to create BIM models
 Create light fixture BIM family models, for company’s catalog and mainly for clients request
 Use the Information side of BIM to create new family parameters with specification sheet data.
 Link IES files to the Light Fixture model to output accurate light distribution rendering to be used by Architects, Engineers, Light designers and contractors, and to be used in other BIM versions.
 Design sales representative light fixture demonstration box, where the fixture was simulated in BIM using IES files and different test materials and textures.
 Design a hotel room in BIM to demonstrate new product light distribution, efficiency, and energy saving.
 Create construction documents for the Lightolier Fall Massachusetts upgrade using BIM technology, models, and product schedule to be used by the contractor.
 Worked with Senior Graphic Designers, Product Managers as a team to create new product lunch, BIM models and alternative Autodesk renderings software for brochures.

Aug 2011 - Jul 2012


Boston Architectural College (BAC), Boston, MA, US, MArch, Architecture

The BAC's School of Architecture offers a Master of Architecture degree program that is professionally accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board to prepare students to become licensed architects.

The hallmark of this degree program is concurrent design practice and academic study. Students work in classrooms, in communities, and in local firms to examine the social and cultural contexts of their work. As they advance, students develop a personal design philosophy and methods of working while mastering structures and environmental systems. Evidence of learning and competencies in both practice and academic study is evaluated through portfolio. All graduate students complete a three-semester-long design thesis process to explore an idea that has personal significance and larger value to the community and to the discipline of architecture.

Sep 2012 - current

New England Institute of Technology, East Greenwich, RI, US, BArch, Architecture

Architecture Building Technology which is Architectural studies with some basic Engineering studies. This Program main goal is to prepare the students to became an active member of either A/E firm, because the program allows knowledge to be aware of the different aspects of the design and and Engineering process.

Mar 2009 - Mar 2012

Areas of Specialization 


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