Ethan Merritt

Ethan Merritt

Manhattan, KS, US



I'm a 3rd year architecture student in Kansas State University's Master's of Architecture program. From an early age I learned to draw, paint and sculpt. Continuing to learn new technique and perspectives has been and still an on going theme in my life. What lead me to architecture was the ability to enhance or to make the built environment more enjoyable for all to experience.


Kansas State University Housing and Dining, Manhattan, KS, US, Resident Assistant in Goodnow Hall

I'm currently a resident assistant (RA) in Goodnow Hall at Kansas State University. My duties include up holding the residential policy, foster an inclusive community, and create an environment that is proactive for the student's success at K-State. More Specifically I'm on the Architectural Cluster floor where majority of my 102 residents are first years in the program. This has been a wonderful opportunity for me and the residents as they have a direct resource to an upperclassman, in which I'm able to work with them and give them advice as they make their way into the beginning of architecture not only as a major or career but as a profession.

Aug 2012 - current


Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, US, MArch, College of Architecture, Planning and Design

Aug 2010 - current


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