New York, NY, US


Ennis Francis II Apartments New York, NY

Type: Residential   2007-2010
Square Feet:      18,502
Cost:         $16.5 Million

Highlights: This eight stories residential building is a masonry and plank structure. The exterior of the building is brick and stone veneer. This low income building has 60 units, 18 one- BR, 18 two-BR, 16 three BR, 8 four BR.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Harlem, NY, US
My Role: Project Manager, prepare the schedule, Building Code, Zoning, Energy (COMcheck) and Accessibility Analysis. Prepared Construction Drawings, BBP design and calculations. MEP coordination with consultants. Prepare drawing and documents for bid.
Additional Credits: Danois Architects team -
Shaneekua Henry R.A. Associate of Danois Architects.

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