Arianna Armelli

Arianna Armelli

New York, NY, US


Gowanus by Design (Competition)

Gowanus by Design - June 2013

"The intent of the competition is to provide a new community resource that will occupy the site with a combined sewer overflow (CSO) retention facility. The purpose is to acknowledge the various components of the system, show approximate size and locations, and demonstrate how they support the competitions design objectives. The goal is to generate a new typology that will emerge from the symbiotic relationship of a community center and sewage management facility." - Gowanus by Design program description

The consequences of the industrial revolution plagued the NY region especially hard in the Red hook area of Brooklyn. Before consolidation with New York in 1898 Brooklyn was the 4th largest city in the country, providing thousands of industrial jobs in waterfront factories and storehouses. Today we know of Red hook as an abandoned memory of what used to be. Poor moderation of waste dumping into the Gowanus canal during the industrial era led to this high level of pollution. Currently the Gowanus is listed as a high priority Superfund site.

The direction taken focused on the revitalization of a post industrial city by means of new industry through sustainable approaches. This method creates economic growth and tries to reestablish a harmed ecological system through light interventions. With the implementation of 2 new water driven industries and a thriving ecological habitat, it is this projects belief that the community of Red hook can be fully restored to its original status of an industrial power minus the negatives associated with industry.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Brooklyn, NY, US
My Role: Designer

Gowanus Canal Masterplan
Gowanus Canal Masterplan
Section Perspective (new industrial process)
Section Perspective (new industrial process)

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