Erin Curley

Erin Curley

Oregon, OH, US

Daylight filter from above
Daylight filter from above
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Efflorescence Illumination

As part of a daylighting studio, this project focused on capturing daylight and dispersing it throughout an artifact museum.  The project was based in the great fortress Alhambra located in Granada Spain.  I was the only student who actually visited the site and therefore collected information and pictures for each of my colleagues, to aid them in their projects.  The experience of the studio taught me a great deal about daylighting strategies and awakened my awareness for use in future work projects.  I later used these strategies in the design of my work projects.

My experience with the culture of Spain allowed me to fully understand the needs of my design as it related to the environment that is extremely different from what I was used to in the great lakes region.

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Status: School Project
Location: Alhambra, Granada, Spain
My Role: Designer / Site analysis
Additional Credits: Martin Swartz - Professor
Lawrence Technological University

Betty & Nicole
Creation of standard template for presentation format.

Concept Sketches
Concept Sketches

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