Zachary Carman

Zachary Carman

Oxford, OH, US



I am currently a student at the School of Creative Arts at Miami University, set to graduate in the Spring of 2014 with a Masters Degree in Architecture.  Before Miami University, I earned a Bachelors of Science in Architecture degree from the University of Michigan in the Spring of 2009.  In between degrees, I worked in Marshall, Michigan, most prominently with Tenneco Automotive, as a AutoCAD consultant and manufacturing assistant.  Being involved with many different types of employment over the years, from the field of architecture to the automotive industry, I have developed a plethora of skills and a flexible work ethic, understanding there are multiple solutions to the same problem.

Two tactics of design I try to involve in all my designs: layered experiences and varying modes of interaction.  Layering experiences is important for me in design, as I try influence both the public eye, who never truly experience the spatial qualities of my design, and the occupant, who interact with it on a daily basis.  Using many modes of interaction is the medium of which I reach both the public and private eye.  Whether it be through exterior, permeable skins, for a visual interaction, or a certain type of material that leads to a more physical interaction, engaging the user is critical.  These two tactics I believe root design with community, and help ensure programmatic success.

Currently, I’m working on my thesis, tentatively titled, “Detroit: Understanding Identity and Place within Modern Urban Dystopia”.  It is an exploration of our innate placing of identity in architecture, and a community spirit that is shared between generations due to a restoration and a perseverance of structure within a city.  For me, identity has always been important to me, through my local community, but personally, through ancestry.  As a 12th generation “Carman” in the United States, it strengthens my resolve knowing who I am and where I come from.  I look forward to my thesis process, understanding more of how we as communities find resolve in the architecture around us.

In addition to ancestry, I’m an avid sport fan and athlete.  I also find pleasure in reading, playing/listening to music, and woodworking.


Miami University, Oxford, OH, US, Shop/CNC Router Assistant

I assist students with the completion of their individual projects, as well as supervise the entire shop.

Aug 2012 - current

Tenneco Automotive, Marshall, MI, US, AutoCAD Consultant/Manufacturing Assistant

I acted as a AutoCAD consultant for the Materials Department. My main job focused on forming the weekly manning for the 400+ direct labor employees within the plant, as well as monthly tasks of tracking and communicating issues with scrap metal, efficiency, and productivity within the plant.

Jan 2011 - Aug 2012

S Allen Design, Coldwater, MI, US, Apprentice

I designed under the direct influence of Scott Morrison, the principle architect. I was in charge of two schematic designs: a old K-Mart facade adaptive reuse and a lake cottage addition.

May 2008 - Aug 2008


Miami University, Oxford, OH, US, MArch, Master of Architecture

I'm working towards my M. Arch degree, currently performing a CD set within my studio design course and the 1st semester of my written thesis.

Aug 2012 - current

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US, Bachelors, Bachelor of Science in Architecture

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Architecture, while also performing in the Michigan Marching Band, a part of AIAS, and a member of the Michigan Running Club.

Sep 2005 - May 2009


Miami University Graduate Vertical Studio Competition, 1st Place

Chosen among twelve graduate teams of three individuals each. Appropriately named the "Cleveland Root", our project sought to use the Detroit-Superior Bridge as a way of connecting a residential district to the downtown districts using a series of bike paths and public venues.


TCAUP Annual Student Exhibition, Award

Among 200 students, my project, "Ann Arbor Student Coop", was one of four projects recognized for its exemplary design work. The bamboo skin of the facade was described as a clever way to inform interior shifts of public and private spaces, while maintaining the secluded nature of a student living center.


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