zanon architetti associati

zanon architetti associati

Roncade, IT



Surrounded by the countryside, close to Sile river and Cà Tron estate, this set of buildings is the result of a long restoration, rebuilding and new construction process that brought to the birth of a new structured and organized executive complex that reflects the character of the evolving company H-Farm, international Venture Incubator. The definition and restoration od the main rural building was essential, with the attempt to regain the same rigor and memory that characterize similar building typologies of the surrounding environment and giving a new shape to volumetric transferences thanks to the use of sustainable and reversible technologies. A series of independent but connected structures, each one distinguished by one or more functions where offices, meeting rooms and open spaces take place: inside every floor is characterized by wide spaces that pledge the essential flexibility to organize workstations and work groups typical of an office space. All the rooms have exposed roof structures, with wooden trusses and beams. The extension of 2011 is coherent with the previous interventions and is enriched by the experimentation on a new typology of widespread office spaces and on recent wooden prefabrication technologies.

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Status: Built
Location: Roncade, IT
Additional Credits: client: h-farm s.p.a.
photos: giuseppe dall'arche