Zak Stanton

Zak Stanton

Atlanta, GA, US



I believe that architecture is a cultural tool. A process forged from human need. It is a means of understanding relationships between one another and also between ourselves and the world. It is not limited to shelter, it does not answer a single problem. But it is malleable and has numerous applications. Architecture is a journey with many ends, each destination, a possible solution to a wide array of socially defined obstacles.

I believe in an architecture that is fun. I believe that design should seek to make the most of the people who engage it, encouraging people to come together, inspiring people to live life to the fullest degree. I believe that architecture has a voice. It has the power to make a statement. I believe in an architecture that is unique and exciting, an architecture that is not normative or predictable. It is not standardized, but specific to a people and problem posed. I believe in an architecture that has a conscience. It can strengthen and reveal the good, and seek to shade or transform that which is not. I believe that architecture is an experience. It should impact people. It should have people notice things they may not have noticed otherwise: the smile of a passerby, the vastness of a canyon, or the beauty of a single ray of light. I believe that architecture is a reflection of the way we see the world. People often view the world from within their built forms. And it is here that, lastly, I see architecture as a responsibility. A responsibility to frame that which has been created to the best of my ability in a way that pleases the creator of it all, my Lord Jesus Christ.



Alpharetta Family Fitness Center, Alpharetta, GA, US, Customer Service Representative, Skating Coach

Position was held part-time through undergraduate degree. Gained experience in presentation of skating skills and performance. Built many lasting relationships with clients, while promoting products. Assisted managers in a variety of daily tasks. Received training in cafe,pro shop, skate attendant room, front desk, and operations.

Oct 2008 - Dec 2012


Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Atlanta, GA, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2007 - May 2012


School Wide Competition for Artist Residence, 3rd Place

Sophmore level competition at Georgia Tech involving the school of architecture to design an Artist's Residence. One panel 36"x36" competition board was submitted and reviewed by panel of senior faculty members. Work received third place, and honorable mention for featured courtyard space.


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